Here's more information about the services we provide.

We support our clients in the following areas:


  • Exterior General Counsel- if you have a growing business but are not ready to hire an in house general counsel, we can serve in that capacity for you. That means that we can be your business transactional attorney and also serve as the point person for specialized legal projects and issues that may arise.

  • We help our clients start their own businesses. This includes everything from the "paperwork aspect" (filing the necessary information with the Vermont Secretary of State) to giving potential business partners the tools they need to have the difficult but necessary conversations as they put their relationship down on paper (like the business equivalent of a pre-nup, really).

  • Conducting Vermont Crowdfunding and Regulation D offerings to help Vermonters raise money and invest in companies in Vermont and beyond.

  • We help our clients buying and selling businesses through asset acquisition or equity purchases and sales.

  • Drafting contracts and agreements that can be modified by our clients without our help for different customers or transactions.

  • Certain employment issues- like whether your independent contractor is really an independent contractor or actually an employee (for other stuff we know some great attorneys who only do Employment Law).

  • General business representation- we field whatever business-related needs come your way. If we don't have the in-house expertise, we have a network of like-minded professionals who do.

  • Corporate record keeping. For a reasonably low (currently $100 per year plus filing fees) annual fee you can subscribe to our corporate record keeping service where we take care of your annual filings with the Vermont Secretary of State so you don't have to remember to.

  • The one thing we don't do is litigate (not our bag) but we know many highly qualified local attorneys for whom litigating is a passion.

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Legal coaching

Starting a new business can be overwhelming and can seem expensive and complicated. If you have limited resources or aren’t sure where to start, you can book a one hour legal coaching session with Kat. You can expect to leave this meeting with a general road map/to do list legal-related steps you should be taking to best protect yourself from liability based on where you are at in your business now. A legal coaching session is educational in nature and does not necessarily constitute an attorney-client relationship. Contact me to learn more or to set up a session.