At Hatch, we believe that you should spend as much time as you want to focusing on your business, your passion.


Our Mission

We provide legal and business consulting services in Vermont to help you get your, ahem, legal ducks in a row so that you can spend more time focused on the reason you went into business in the first place and less time worrying that you are getting something wrong. While sometimes using "legalese" is inevitable, we believe that legal documents should be understandable written in plain English, with your brand and your clients in mind.


accessible, mobile, using language you understand

I believe that the legal profession is evolving. I believe in the mobile office. We come to you. And we love technology (except when it malfunctions, then we hate it). Here are some highlights about how I work:

  • Generally I meet with clients via Skype or FaceTime or Google Hangouts, unless you want a face to face meeting (or sometimes when going over documents a face to face meeting is better). Hatch also has access to conference spaces in Waterbury and Burlington.
  • I believe in keeping our overhead low so you don't have to pay high hourly rates to cover our fancy lawyer offices.
  • I offer competitive rates, and value-based billing or monthly payment options depending on the situation.
  • Whenever possible I use plain, easy to understand, English. Where legalese is required, I'm always available to explain what it means and why.
  • I understand that often legal documents, like contracts, should be representative of your brand and your aesthetic, and I am committed to working with you on that.