Resources, Resources, Resources!

 One thing I love most about the law and being an attorney is that I get to help people make their great ideas a reality. One important way I do this is by connecting people with resources that can help them.

Before we dive into the multi-part series on small business ownership and entrepreneurship (with a special spotlight side bar for you wellness online entrepreneurs), I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some great resources. There are a LOT of free resources that you can take advantage of. And by free, I don't mean, free in the hopes that you buy something later.

A fantastic resource is the Vermont Small Business Development Center. There’s a Small Business Development Center in every state, so click here to find yours. SBDC centers are great for connecting you to other local resources that can be of value, and they work with all kinds of businesses big and small. The folks at VSBDC offer an array of business planning and strategy counseling for free! For those of you outside Vermont, Google around to find your local Small Business Development Center- every state has at least one.

For those of you who are local to Vermont, I encourage you to seek out the Center for Women and Enterprise in Burlington. There are CWEs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire as well. CWE is funded by the Small Business Administration and has free business consulting some great classes about marketing, business planning, finances, and one I teach each month “Legal Considerations for New Business Owners” specifically addressing the topics my upcoming blog series will cover. 

And finally, for all you mamas out there, here’s an interesting (free) workshop by Kate Northrup for all you mamas looking to integrate business and family. This workshop is a fun different take on maximizing productivity while listening to your body and honoring your family.

You can learn more about me here. I work with businesses so that you guys can spend more time doing what you love and less time working with paperwork and headaches. I have a particular interest in helping women and mamas actualize their business visions in a way that works for they and their families.

If you need help finding resources that match your goals, I'm happy to help. And finally a friendly reminder that we don't have an attorney client relationship until you sign an engagement letter with me.