Ah.. em.. eh... AND the Showcase!

Hi Friends,

So I did that thing you are not supposed to do. I stopped posting mid-project when life got busy, and I didn’t pick things back up. For ten months. I’ve heard that’s worse than not posting at all (a rose by any other name- sort of). Anyway. I’m back. Perhaps I will pick up this business series in the new year, but until then expect short posts on law and business-related topics.

Of note right now, I am really happy to be a part of the VT Womenpreneurs’ upcoming showcase on November 14th at Study Hall, an aesthetically-pleasing coworking space on College Street in Burlington.

The last event was inspiring and unusually invigorating for a networking event. If you are a woman in business, want to be a woman in business, or want to support women in business, click on the image to learn more.