Spotlight: FAQ- someone told me I should ____________ what did they mean?

Today's spotlight for online wellness entrepreneurs discusses a common type of question I get asked: "someone told me_______________. What does that mean?"

Ok well first off, if it's another attorney telling you something, like where to form your business entity, what kinds of agreements you need, or that you can or cannot do X, Y or Z, you 100% should follow up with them to find out what they mean. It is not stupid to not understand an attorney's (or really anyone's) recommendation. The law is a technical field like many others, and so attorneys often throw around jargon, or make recommendations without fully appreciating that the person they are talking to might not understand them.

If you are talking to another person in your industry, or who is not an attorney, you should totally ask follow up questions like or say things like: "Wow that is an interesting piece of advice. Where did you hear that from?" or "What makes you think that?" or "Did you get that advice from someone else? From whom and why?". Find out the backstory. Then you can either research on your own whether you think what their recommendations are are a good call OR you can seek out a professional in whatever discipline the question involves and get professional advice applicable specifically to you and your business.

Good luck mamas! And as always, feel free to reach out to talk more, and also know that this is not legal advice that is specific to you, because you would have to sign an engagement letter with me before I would give you that.