Hatch Law & Consulting, PLC is the work of Katherine R. O'Neill.

In 2007, Kat helped her husband Jeremy start his own business, O'Neill Builders, LLC. This trial-by-fire experience was an integral part of her decision to work with small businesses as an attorney.  Because she’s been there on the business side, Kat is uniquely positioned to help you manage the issues that arise with your small business, and to help you prevent problems from starting in the first place.

Admitted to the Vermont Bar in 2011, Kat found her interest in working with small businesses blossomed from the start of her legal career as an associate at Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew, PC in Burlington. At the end of 2013, Kat left Dinse and began building her small business practice as an attorney at a small firm in the Burlington area where she also worked in the firm's real estate practice. With a budding array of clients, Kat started Hatch Law & Consulting, PLC in June of 2015, to exclusively serve small businesses in Vermont using today's technology, positive energy, and plain English.

Kat lives in Waterbury Center with Jeremy and their two small children. She loves skiing, all water activities and taking advantage of what Vermont has to offer.

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